Jerseys are here!

POSTED BY 3rKaN_BRATTE 24. November 2017 in Allgemein
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The Jerseys arrivide today!

Today our Jerseys arrivide from our Partner Tanked.  For more than 12 sports we offer TANKED jerseys and other sportswear. We can not only equip your team with individual football jerseys, individual basketball jerseys, individual baseball jerseys, individual handball jerseys, individual rugby jerseys, etc., but also have significantly more products in the range. These include warm-up shirts, compression shirts, track suits, as well as caps, hoodies, team banners and, in addition to shorts, skirts for table tennis, tennis and hockey. The special thing about our TANKED products is (in addition to the high-quality tricot fabrics and the loving craftsmanship) the individual personal design. Cool jerseys to your liking are no problem!